Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wanda Morrow Clevenger- Three Poems

Wanda Morrow Clevenger is a Carlinville, IL native.  Over 356 pieces of her work appear in 129 print and electronic journals and anthologies.  Yes, she does the math.
3 am cause
those months dragging on
to spare you further anguish
I wept into your pillow
the atrocities – preview
of more to come
the furnace cycled on
and off
the sun still afraid
to show its
yellowbelly face
your pillow was soft
and smooth, cool
on my cheek
more than sympathetic
to the 3 am cause
Breakfast in Boonville
We take I-70 west to visit our kids.  The adult store
and gentlemen's club strip from Missouri to Kansas
where notorious billboards elbow dine-n-dash and
antique alleys: Artichoke Annie's, Enchanted Frog,
Good JuJu . . . and W.D. Pickers Antique Mall where
pickier pickers pick.
And we did make an antique shop this trip –
Ridge in Shawnee;
right arm for jadeite but they kindly cut us a deal
on an orphaned iron porch chair.
Seated along the window wall under a Triple “AAA
Rootbeer sign in Cracker Barrel this side of Kansas,
I watched a woman place a paper napkin on the table
then salt it like a corncob coaster for her iced tea. 
I said to Monte, “There's something you don't see.” 
Traveling east home, in Boonville at marker 106
we landed on a great breakfast spot easy to spot,
same exit as an adult store
near enough the interstate to sans signage;
the XXX painted on the roof
stuck out big as braille.
please show interest
sales manager
Mr. John Fan represented
a business vivid
in China for years
a new product of
quality and best price
–– cardboard coffin
boxes by the net––
raw materials friendly
to the misspelled envirement
best corrugated composite panels
competitive in my
American market
size 210x71x42cm
bearing at least 200 kg
color: cherry, oak, black
and interior decorative material
all custom
as requested
the product replaced
expensive wooden coffins
suitable for burial
and cremation
a gifted pitchman,
how Mr. Fan knew
of my recent trysts
with death
was uncanny
he solicited if I might please
show interest of attachments
as he also provided caskets
              for pets

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