Tuesday, May 24, 2016

JD DeHart- Two Poems & Image

John Ramm Visits the Library

Shhh, echoes the front
of the library
with its many books
and few people

There is a stamping
and an animal snorting
from the science section,
causing the librarian to rise

Telling the dear Mr. Ramm
she wishes he could read
books, but he's just a wild 
animal, after all.

The Wedding of John Ramm

Two antlers decorated
the top of the cake like 
a taxidermist's confection

They are not sure
if they should leave the veil
on the bride, as tradition
dictates, or drape it across
his wide brow

Truthfully, he stands, hands
planted at his sides like oaks,
hooves glued to one spot,
unsure of how to behave
in the promenade.

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