Friday, May 27, 2016

Theresa Griffin Kennedy- A Poem

Desires Solitary Dialogue

My name is Want,
I am the misleading shimmer of glamor
The glamor of sin.

Seducing the weak to look--
Looking transforms into the fruit of my want
Gathers up into a fragile tissue of verse to be mastered.

Want will ride the roller coaster ending up,
Firmly seated in justifications lonely en-silvered throne
Of transparent rationale.

Always standing on the outside looking in,
Want materializes into the slick poison
Of covetousness and the ooze of a sweet flavor
Is readily explored in the fullness of my geographies
Stark lines and whorls, never ending.

The television screen performs the trick,
You appear oblivious; eye movements slow
To the number that displays the trance
Has been achieved.

And Now!
The brain washing has begun!
It’s all over there, go and get it!
You deserve it! Take it! Take it!
Get it before someone else does!

Dialogue finished!

* I am a freelance writer of creative nonfiction, a poet and contributing columnist for The online Portland Alliance Newspaper and for the news website GoLocalPDX. I am an activist fighting for social change through writing as a social act. I paint abstract with mixed media and am a writing instructor and writing coach. 

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