Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bruce Mundhenke- A Poem

Watching For you

I saw you come with the morning,
I watched you leave with the light.
And then once again I found you,
Looking up at the stars at night.

I waited for you in the Winter,
Until you returned in the Spring,
I rejoiced in your tears of gladness,
Gladly hearing the songs you would sing.

And as Autumn painted the forest,
And your breath took the leaves from the trees,
And I knew that you were leaving,
Once again I had come to my knees.

I live for your touch in all seasons,
I look for you every day,
Rejoicing when you surround me,
Down when you go away.

In your heart you never have left me,
And your heart encompasses mine,
But a small heart knows fear and sadness,
And small minds fear the end of the line.

So I watch for you in the morning,
And I wait for you in the cold,
And I love you in all seasons,
And I age, but you never grow old.

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