Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Donal Mahoney- A Poem

One Loves Someone or Doesn't

I came back to You late 
and still don't understand
why the Father asked You to 

die for me and everyone else.
I learned the Ten Commandments
as a child but never learned to love.

I don’t think one learns to love.
One loves someone or doesn’t.
One likes someone or doesn’t.

But there’s a canyon, isn’t there,
between the two--like and love.
I viewed your Father, I’m afraid,

the way I viewed my own. 
My father did his best but he  
was another fallen wretch like me

no different than Adam and Eve.
I have never understood why 
Adam and Eve’s fall from grace

fell on everyone else and me.
Why must everyone pay for what
Adam and Eve did, I’d ask. 

Now I no longer need an answer.
Now I simply need to remember
what I have always known 

yet must wait to understand
You died on the cross
and rose from the dead

for a wretch like me because
the Father asked You to. 
That’s good enough for me.

Donal Mahoney

Donal Mahoney always believed even before a nun
in kindergarten taught him the basics. And now
in his dotage he wonders why he still believes
and so many of his friends and relatives do not. 
If he ever had a doubt, one walk in nature 
would remove it. There’s no Bang Big enough to 
be responsible for all that.

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