Friday, May 20, 2016

Alexander C. Balcoba- A Poem

My Parents’ Love

I am so blessed
I am so lucky
I am so grateful
For my parents love me.

I am so precious
I am so worth
I am so unique
For my parents mold me to be like this.

I am so honored
I am so privileged
I am so flattered
For my parents’ love is indeed priceless.

My parents’ love is immeasurable
Their love is admirable
Their care is honorable
Their character is venerable.

Oh, my parents you’re the only one
Your strength, your wisdom and your wit
You pursue, you persist, you insist
Because you are my parents, you are the best.

My parents’ love is fantastic
Their faith is not bombastic
Their humility is not sarcastic
Indeed, my parents are terrific

Alexander C. Balcoba is a faculty member of the University of the East, Philippines from the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of English. In 2014, he started working as a Researcher-Writer under Special Non-Teaching Assignment. He obtained his Master in Language Teaching in 2006 and Doctor of Education in 2014. His interest in research inspired him to write different and collaborative researches. Some of his papers presented  internationally are: "E-learning program in English:Basis for Redesigning Instructional Material," (presented in Singapore) "University Belt Consortium Initiatives Towards Research Sustainability," (presented in Malaysia) and " Higher Education Institutions (HEIs): Challenges on Research Sustainability" (presented in Cambodia).

Dr. Balcoba is associate member of National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) and regular member of American Studies Association of the Philippines (ASAP).

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  1. wonderful write it really shows how a child love's his parents............marites g.