Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stu Buck- Two Poems

Les Bulot

in my dream i am back at les bulot
cautiously trawling the fish soup
afraid of probing its depths and
finding myself hopelessly out of
my comfort zone wishing i had
opted for the sirloin steak
which you were now pushing
around your plate with the silver
cutlery making blood and cream and
the lissom pomme-frite mingle
sensually on the bone china plate
and now you are laughing at me
because i have found sand in
the bottom of the bowl and you
say that it shows it is authentic and
i push the bowl aside and sip the
wine and breathe in the salty air
and suddenly i am aware that this
is a dream and my heart breaks a
 little inside as it does each time
 i leave les bulot and return to
the stark fire i now inhabit alone.

Cineri Gloria Sera Est

The day that you left me
Things began to turn

The wallpaper bled butterflies
The taps all spat out treacle
Water turned to blood

The fridge door hung limp
Jagged fangs bursting from inside
Thirsty for my sweat

The cooker turned atomic
All flayed souls and napalm shadows

Hate filled nocturnes and placental arias

Spiders crawled from under the sofa
Burrowing beneath my skin

The photo album screamed
Each image drip dripping
Ink and sweat and tears
Years of memories pooling at my feet
Glistening reflections of life and love

Of childhood and death

ducunt in bonis dies suos et in puncto ad inferna descendun

Like the weightless passage of eternity

Stars bore down their weight upon me

Big bangs banged below

Hands formed light and love

Held the whip
Held the soul
Held the words
Heal with light

Galaxies poured from my silent scream

As I became one with the Queen of time

Oh Athena casts aside my enemies
Oh Eos gives me sweet incipience
Oh Hebe saves these withered hands

Lay with me now

On a bed of silken souls

And drink only from the fountain

Presbyter Johannes

Lead me past this life

Lead me past your arms

Bathe me in evermore

Let me make love

To everything

All the time


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