Monday, November 30, 2015

Bart Solarczyk- Three Poems

Prayer & Fetish

This thing that beefed
& broadened you
muscled & cocksure
is leaving now
it has its own death
to attend

it's leaving
& no medicine
can conjure its return
prayer & fetish
reduced to mocking jokes

no give, no getting back
always the same ending
the hollow weight of loss
the sag & bend
of meat & bone

it's gone
& you shrivel
in its absence

body shrinks to stump
mind a pickled egg
& the man
a ghost of words
trapped in a poem.

Less Of Her

Staccato beeps, a crippled soundtrack
green machines & lasers
venomous dark spots
killing what's been kissed

waking hard, she's still here
beautiful but less of her
eyes too sad to leave
but looking for a door.

Dusting The Moon

Dusting the moon
with drunken wishes

as gravity
folds our wings

falling through
last call

with nothing