Saturday, November 7, 2015

Stefanie Bennett- Two Poems

For Beauty’s sake... I ask...
What is it you want!
Unlike mine – your world
Has been formed
Into a hapless self-image
With a viperous hiss
That is
The hire-purchasing
Of Earth’s heaven
Swallowing itself tail-up.
When I hear the Kestrel’s sirening loss
In the back-streets
Of tomorrow
Venting over me
In dreams more
Than war, than pestilence...
When the pre-cursed
Supreme light
Sobs into the Sky-blanket
I want to gather the orphaned stars
And make of them
My heartfelt
The last of the innocents,
I pray, will
Come join me.
Dying for Beauty
The ‘want’ of it.
[First published: ‘Woman of Straw’
They talk of corn – Caribbean blue;
Tri-gold; matt-white.
Geordie, Tipperary Tigress
Astride her Sun-kissed Veil.
Vittoria, immigrant; mother
To five at eighteen light years -
And Melissa, stately in deer-hide
Polishing a Nation’s bloodstone.
“You are the husk of our Dawn Star,”
They intone. “You are what’s
Left of the coup.”
                      I am the Straw Woman
                      My own eyelids
                      - Where
                      The bone-walk’s
                      One half octagon
[‘Woman of Straw’ chapbook]
Stefanie Bennett has published several volumes of poetry and worked with Arts Action
for Peace. Her poems appear in The Fib Review, Shot Glass Journal, Jellyfish Whispers,
Poetry Pacific etc. Of mixed heritage [Irish/Italian/Paugussett-Shawnee], she was born in
Queensland, Australia, in 1945. Stefanie’s latest poetry book “The Vanishing” 2015, is
published by Walleah Press and is available at Walleah Press, Amazon and Fishpond.

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