Sunday, November 22, 2015

Richard Schnap- Three Poems


She purchased a book
Of historical romances
But inside was a manual
On survival in the wild

Then she bought a ticket
For a light-hearted comedy
But instead saw a movie
Of the end of the world

Next she went into
A towering cathedral
But found she had entered
An old dusty bar

Till finally she met
The man from the website
But spoke in a language
She couldn’t understand


It can be as soft
As a lover’s caress
In the first hello of love

That speaks a strange language
Only understood
By a candlelit heart

And then it roars
Like an animal caged
For too many lonely nights

Suddenly set loose
To strip each tree
Of its encumbering leaves

But too soon it fades
Its drama dwindling
Ending as it began

A whispered breeze
Quiet as a cat
Heard but never seen


Who has seen the sun
Disappearing from the sky
As if it’s overcome
By a fire ten times as bright

And who has heard the rain
Beating down upon the earth
Like the feet of marching men
Forging trails unto their graves

And who has felt the wind
Blasting madly through the night
With a fury long held back
Till it could be leashed no more

It is you who knows these things
Each a spoke upon a wheel
That turns and turns again
On a road that finds no end

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