Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lily Tierney- Three Poems


In the end the dream
 was beautiful while we
had it. 
If only you could of been
there for real.  The colors
were beautiful, and time
was an illusion swept
into a lost memory.
One breath lasting for
a lifetime.  Your last
word resonates
in my heart.


Too much
talk is shallow.

A glance
a  touch
if only you
could see me.

Trust, but if I
am wrong,
I go deeper
into my well
of secrecy. 


Wandering around no end
in sight.

So many faces, forms,and colors.

Capture an instant, letting go
as it leaves a faint impression.

Saying hello and goodbye
in the same breath.

I live here, I dream here,
I am here.
 Bio- I am writing to express emotions that the reader can identify with.


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