Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bradford Middleton- Three Poems


All I see when I look around is you
You’re everywhere and nowhere all at once
But as I sit here alone all I can see is memories
You and our brief little time together
That I wish I remember better
But whatever happened with you it was one hell of a ride

A ride that took us through infatuation
Desire, lust and the inevitable
The break-up came at a real bad time
I was up to my head in trouble

That was years ago now but still
You are here and I wish you’d never gone
But all you are now is a memory
A moment in time that is a bit hazy
Due to all the drink and drugs we took
But to move on I got to get you out of my head

I moved from the city to escape the places
I changed my life to be a better boy
No more Billy or Charlie for me I said
Just the plain old drink and pot of yore

Walking these streets with no thoughts in my mind
Round and round I stroll
Not sure why or where I need to go
Got no money for a drink or minor distraction
So onward I plough
Through these streets that have nothing for me

Round this way all you get are shops
Places I can’t afford to enter
And with no desire to peer through the windows
At the over-priced tat that gets some excited
To me they ain’t anything but a waste of life
A clothes horse is all they are

When they look at me I am nothing in their eyes
Just the rag-tag mess that is being me
The same way it’s been for as long as I dressed myself
Since that glorious moment when I knew who I was
And never felt the need to worry about fitting in
The latest trends and all those styles have passed me by

There are people in my life who are doing their best
To push me to the edge and see what will happen
Work is killing me with everyday and I don’t care
About what they do as the work is easy but
The people I relied upon to help me out are now
Just not being there for me

I have a new friend, a truly lovely friend but
He’ll be gone soon off to a place I can’t afford
Another one may well get banged up whilst
Yet another has moved to the out-skirts of town
Round here now the only people to be happy to see
Me are bar-owners up and down our St Jimmy’s Street

They rejoice when I walk in as a good night is promised
I have nothing else to do but write and live this
Life that has become all my own
I talk to my parents more than ever but I
Only get to see them once a year and
I miss them probably most of all

In this town now there are people I miss but
They no longer seem to miss me which is bad
As they edge me out towards a lonely distressed
State that feels like it will never end
Not in this town or maybe just simply
In this life

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