Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- Two Poems

Silver Waves in the Night
With smelted swords of steel
they weave their webs of war
with threads of fire
and threats of flames
they seal our fate
with the Judas kiss
while they dance
into black mergers
with the night

Come now darkly
all ye Archangels
there is a fallen
paradise to claim

with apples rotten
with worms galore
with coffin cradled
in a womb of dirt

Come now softly
all ye silent waves
there is a jailbreak
tearing down the gates

With silver strings of lies
they draw their battle lines
in the sand
while the sun keeps spinning
garden be damned

Be Still, My Exploding Heart
Red fumes rise and hiss
from out the silent abyss
of dragon scaled lips
smoke haze adrift
entrenched in
black coal
black mines
black shaft
black gold
in the back of the mind
Powder keg ignition
lit fuse explosion
implosion of
swallowing the resurrection
back to the void
before Big Bang
setting the stage
for a brand new
initial Word
with high vibration
resonant frequency
to the tune
of sacred sirens
whistling sweetly
with melted wax
shattering myths
of fallen paradigms
as encased energy
releases to the four winds
Magnetic compass rose
points True North
rotating the stars
into triangulated
geometrical alignment
with evolution’s pulsing heart

Scott Thomas Outlar runs the site 17Numa where links to his published poems, fiction, essays, rants, ravings, ramblings, and screeds can be found. The site also has a page with an extensive list of links to literary journals, magazine, blogs, and zines; as well as a page dedicated to the personal sites of contemporary writers and artists. Scott's next chapbook "Songs of A Dissident" will be released in January of 2016 through Transcendent Zero Press. He is always seeking to connect with new people, so feel free to drop him a line at 17Numa, or contact him on Twitter and Facebook.

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