Sunday, September 20, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Mad as Hell

Obama sneers,
a momma's boy,
spoiled little sneer,
which gets under the skin,
akin to Chris Matthews' laugh,
or a Donald Trump press conference,
or the very existence of Senator Murphy,
that prick from Connecticut,
not to be partisan,
Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell,
with his arrogance,
as if no one but him loves the Senate,
fuck him,
or Senator Lee of Utah,
a Dan Aykroyd impersonator,
speaking with the verbal rhythm of a bad Saturday Night skit,
morons all,
giving terrorists nukes, money,
and political cover,
while planning our own destruction.

The Truth Spoken

America now the country of the double tongued,
truth now,
no longer obvious,
instead tortured logic,
giving terrorists bombs and money,
makes the world safe,
killing babies,
and selling their bodies,
only and always about women's health,
the economy vibrant and strong,
but the interest rate remains at zero percent,
the Arctic melting,
new ice breakers purchased by the United States,
black lives matter,
above all others,
because criminals killed by the police,
double tongued talk,
makes citizens nervous to  learn,
what they can believe,
what they are allowed to say or think,
in the land of the double tongued.


the world black and white,
and yes,
sometimes gray,
but in reality,
decisions await to be made,
hopefully on the evidence of the day,
not on the rationalization of the past,
Reagan did it,
or Clinton,
or Bush,
that doesn't matter,
or make it right,
only a tactic to debate,
but not an excuse,
for actions taken,
except to the inept politicians,
in these United States.

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