Sunday, September 13, 2015

Don Beukes- Two Poems

The Silence

Timely words and thoughts have ceased,

The lines are eerily

quietly frozen,


No- one to blame,

The silence a shame,

Days pass,

Minutes tick away,

No one to say “hey”!

Circumstances break contact,

Thank God friendship still in tact,

A brotherhood tested,

Devotion requested,

A lifetime invested,

A bond sealed,

True friendship revealed,

No doubt,

Say it out loud

What is friendship about?

We trust,

We believe,

We care,

We share,

Always there.

Response to an online troll

Your nastiness is such a shame,

Vile rhetoric and jealousy your cancerous game,

My poetry no illusion

no apologies for your cutting confusion,

My words will rage on

until your insecurity and fear is all gone,

My poems get published

My readers literally nourished

so bury your volcanic outburst

and adjust your moral compass,

I thank you dearly for this inspiration

as i have just written a new addition!



Don Beukes is floating on poetry whilst aiming to share his literal mentality globally. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, he was born, raised and educated during the last two decades of Apartheid and want to do his best to adjust our moral compass. Links to his published material can be found at

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  1. Thanks Stephen! I look forward to be a regular contributor!