Friday, September 11, 2015

Russ Cope- Three Poems

Russ Cope is a writer from West Virginia.  He's been in food service, janitorial service, and many other jobs.  His poems have appeared on Poetry Super Highway.

Tractor Mailboxes

There is a row of tractor
mailboxes that tells me
farmers live here,
the kind of town I am from,
the kind of place I wanted
to leave until I started to love
its quiet offerings of life.


I can tell when I am looked
at by the passersby, observing
me in my small space window,
they cannot fathom me, seeing
another form over my own,
so I give them a look back that
says, I see you too.


He strung himself up, old
relative, in the land above us
and if we had been home we
would have heard him kicking,
trying to get life off his shoes,
trying to see if there was 
a better option after the tunnel.

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