Sunday, September 20, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

i want to be loved for me 
i want to be alone,
but i don't 
want to be lonely;
and i need someone to understand that
i need my space but i also want
someone to fill some of
my empty spaces
i know it's a paradox but we're all contrary in some
way or shape or form 
i am me
will not apologize for needing my
alone time
i have words and worlds and stories
that need to flow from me like
honey from the rose bud
or wine from the glass—
i have a great hunger to love and be loved
yet to retain my wildness
to be free and not have to surrender
simply to be accepted for who
and what i am as i have always done
for my friends.

our love
i wish 
you loved me the way i do you
unrequited romances always
sting me with the
fury of a thousand wasps straight
through my heart,
and i only want to kiss those
perfect lips and to be
held in those
strong arms;
i wish i stood a chance with you
but i doubt i'm the type
of woman you
would fall in love with—
everyone tells me 
i am beautiful,
but i don't always see it;
not your typical
beauty queen
falls for,
but i burn with heart and passion and soul
i am a light that 
never dies—
marry me beneath the moonbeams
let the ocean of wild 
emotions in me
be tamed by the curve of 
your body against mine,
and let us be wild
untamed by the world and time
simply spilling over a river
of love
tripping over syllables like a 
laughing girl
as we fall in and out of 
one another;
let me be embraced by your laughter
we'll change the world with
our love.

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