Friday, September 18, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


a visual reminder,
the day the world changed,
for this generation,
many still running from the fear,
no matter the wealth,
the fame,
or social status,
nothing is ever truly secure,
life temporary,
only a matter of time.


nuclear fears,
come back to life,
instead of taking a stand,
the attempt made,
to negotiate the fears away,
reality not a paper world,
built on pages of clauses,
and punctuation,
line after line,
page after page,
bombs will be made,
no paper will stop them.

Marriage Misunderstood

marriage understood by the masses,
look it up,
Jesus never said it was ever about two people being in love,
love was never mentioned,
only two becoming one,
maybe creating a child,
one flesh,
to be ripped from the womb,
the body sliced and diced,
and sold to the highest bidder,
love never had a fucking thing to do with it.

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