Friday, May 1, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- Two Poems

The Low Down Dirty Blues
A dagger
A drug
A fire in my side
sorted out in the veins
where the rubber meets the road
meets the tar meets the flak
meets the signpost
no turning back
on that lover
once she’s burrowed in

A poison
A parasite
A friend in disguise
laying waste to the flesh
as the heavens drop to earth
drop to soil drop to dirt
drop to magma
get the hammer
with eruption
surely blowing soon

A crisis
A chaos
A rhythm in disrepair
grinding away at the metal
with a twisted sound
torturing ears torturing souls
torturing love
through a madness
bent to bring
the whole song down

The wave burns in the rain
like unto like
retards the agenda
and we are left
in the abysmal apocalypse
straining toward the next urge
primal though it might be
anything to push ahead
and keep up with
the pace of evolution

When the going gets rough
the rough get burned
When life gets tough
the meat
is spit out
on the plate
but it’s all
just a little
too late

Scott Thomas Outlar writes because there is no other way. His chapbook "A Black Wave Cometh" is available through Etsy. More of his words can be found at

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