Thursday, May 21, 2015

Denny E. Marshall- Three Poems

She Is Radiation

She is light, like the stars,
A reactor in my heart, in a way
Or a ray, I see my freedom decay,
So nuclear, with her love
Spills the fallout my way, in the neon
Of my life, she radiates all day.

She is radiation,
Like the glow in her face.

The signals, the bright lights
That she turns up on me, the energy,
The half-life’s; in her eyes I see green,
Like secrets, like a mission,
I see her on my screen, in the neon
Of my life, she radiates all day.

She is radiation,
Radiating from the inside

Oh Great Sky

Oh great sky.

The horizon struck with pitchfork wedge,
Throbbing holes shoot pulsing red.
Screamed in violet as it bleed,
Dripped as it was held on edge.

Oh great sky…
Not the chameleon,
Nor the juggler,
Only the chameleon that juggles.
Which feast,
Will the fork carve tonight?
To be certain,
Nothing that we have ever feasted on before!

The sunset slammed by hammer sledge,
The cavity on clouds it fed.
Expose a floating flowerbed,
As sunlight rays slide down the ledge.

Oh great sky!

Monsters In Us All

All of us are ugly
Sometimes in our life
Many men out there
Are beating their wives
Some of us are alcoholics
Destroying our lives
Some of us are maniacs
And stab with knives
Some of us just tell
Little tiny lies
Some of us use words
To make a child cry
How many times have you
Made a bad call
When you could see
The monsters in us all
Either something big
Or something small
Nobody wants to admit to
The monsters in us all
When was the last time?
You made some racial joke
Or forgot about your friends
When you were high on coke
Some of us use women
For our selfish needs
Some of us love money
And are prisoners of greed
Some of us have no values
That is hard to believe
Some of us hate
What does that achieve
Nobody wants to admit
The monsters in us all

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