Friday, May 22, 2015

Noel Negele- Two Poems


This is why our existence
is so sad in essence
because we cannot comprehend
a beginning or an end
but both take place

and our mind wonders
sometimes more than what is wise
but the state of life
has the decency and kindness
to distract us from the perpetual affliction
with senses 

but the wonder
cannot cease to happen 
inside your skull-
roots sown from the confusion -
and give away to a more
easy living,
it comes when we’re alone-
loneliness is when the gates open
and it comes out to our minds-
elbows on ledge
staring down and contemplating of falling

as animals tear each other apart
for food
men tear each other apart
for profit

as banks sponsor armies
children with bulged guts
stagger among a debris of 
left overs

and when the sun gives away to darkness
they like to hold tight on each other
it makes them immune 
to the nothingness that is everything
they like to tell tales of love
as the new days begin
but the same mistakes occur
they like to tell lies of love
so they can stall the hurt.

They turn to god
because they are afraid and desperate
they turn to many gods
because one lie is not enough
and then they fight each other for their lies
because love is not enough religion for them

what we need now
is a wonderful illusion
to dive in head first

a blanket from the agony
a deluded sense of purpose
a conviction of self importance

repeat after me

we are good and jolly people
we are good and jolly people.

Spring Rejection.

Stumbling away from a sleep
you don’t want to loosen your grasp on
and its 6:30 in the morning
and it always happens at pretty much 6:30 in the morning
when the girls in the dreams push you away
tauntingly and cheerfully
to face the ceiling
and the mocking twittering of the birds

to stroll around in an empty apartment
as the first shops open
as the first coffees are poured 

watching the news
the minimal truths occasionally thrown
between the cyclical lies
smoking a cigarette on the window
peeling an egg and devouring it without salt

opened up to a worthlessness 
like a chess board missing 7 pawns
like a predator without the sharpness on the teeth

it has flashes of a genius
she said
but it doesn’t quite stretch out to a whole.


  1. Spring Rejection is a brilliant one. Great work there.

  2. Spring Rejection is a brilliant one. Great work there.