Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bradford Middleton- A Poem


Time is moving on fast
Faster than I can recollect so far
It’s now five years in this job
But what can I do?
I’m sick of being broke
Having nothing but insanity in my life
And it’s only my writing that keeps me sane
So what should I do?
Stop going to the pub
Or seeing my friends
As I’ve got no money for things like that
So what should I do?
This life is for living but
Right now I just exist
It’s time to change but only for the better

Now I’ve got to write everyday
Get better and attempt a novel
Cos for a poet like me riches aren’t abundant
As I reject writing groups and networking
For me it’s all about reality
And finding the weirdest way to understand it
Every day things thrill me
Due to their ordinariness
Cos the life is no way ordinary
It’s insane and mad and it’s only
The writing that keeps me sane
So on I must plough
Churning out pages of everyday weirdness
For those who want to see life
Through the eyes of a mad man

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