Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Noel Negele- A Poem


We were all gathered at the dinner
all family members with different stories to tell
from different lands
and the most successful of us
meaning the richest
a cousin of mine
received the compliments
of accomplishment
like postcards from the mediocre
didnt inflate his chest at all-
restrained himself from getting drunk
from the flattering
but you know
the smirk was there
I tell you
false modesty is the worst kind of arrogance
just like a melody from vivaldi
is a sunray breaching the darkness within

and I stepped out of the house
a house filled with so much talent
and achievement

their children
new branches of future

their parents
satisfied and verified

my mother sitting there
not able anymore to pronounce words

because her sons where drunks and gamblers
hot headed youngsters with scars
and with no tales of accomplishment to share

and I stood on the balcony
staring at the ripples of the sea

as the night slided deeper within itself
waiting for them to get drunk enough
to sleep content with their decisions
joyful and happy for being alive

many people like them
throw their anchors
in professions
in relationships

and like many times before
I will listen to them sleep
and wonder
where the fuck do I lack
what is the damn secret
where to drop the anchor...

you know
some people
are broken beyond

but still
that doesn't mean
we don't strive
for a sense of purpose.

They win you know
they always do

as long as they are happy
they are worth
of your envy.

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