Sunday, May 3, 2015

J.J. Campbell- Three Poems

letting go of the hate

chasing the same damn
shadows since the day
i was born

i can't bring myself to
letting go of the hate

the constant pain

the hands around my

while it is apparent
to the rest of them
that your days are

i'll only be satisfied
when i put the last
bit of dirt on your

and then and only
then will i truly be

free from the man
who never could find
the time to love me
at all

i once listened to a man
in church explain to me
the difference between
a father and a dad

i left abruptly,
explaining to the
fucker i never
had either

alyssa milano

saw my first
crush on

let's just say
that some
people get
to win the
battle with

you can be
my boss
you want

a taste of heaven

i don't think
these young
how lucky
they are

bending over
in their tight
ass stretch pants,
hunting for the
best price for
frozen chicken

i've seen way
too many dirty

my first instinct
is to get down
there and get my
face between
those lovely
cheeks and
start to eat

but i've learned
a few lessons
over the years
about temptation
and public places

but for a few
of you

i'd be willing
to risk whatever
punishment the
law has in mind

a taste of heaven
is surely worth

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