Sunday, July 13, 2014

Theresa A. Cancro- A Poem

Dragonfly Musing

brindled dragonfly alights on a cleft-edged
lily pad, seems to consider its once
former self, as nymph, large and small,

how it
      darted -
still does

among catkins, now skirts above glass pond,
traces rays of the sun with churl gossamer,
like pardoned ladies, innocent of any crime, yet

scurrying to find the latest gossip they can
carry on invisible wings, beating the air
and all who get in the way. I'm amazed by the

sheer brazenness, mesmerized by
the gratuitous moments of draped lies.

Bio:  Theresa A. Cancro (Wilmington, Delaware) writes poetry and fiction.  Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in print and online publications, including Three Line Poetry, Kind of a Hurricane Press, The Artistic Muse, Lyrical Passion Poetry, A Hundred Gourds, Cattails, Shamrock Haiku Journal, Chrysanthemum and Presence, among others.

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