Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jay Passer- Three Poems


sitting on the edge of the bed
at the hotel paradise

hum of the garbage can city
vibrates smudged windowpane

arms itch, lungs wheeze
a rope dangles off a fire escape

curtains fall at twilight
cheap literature stokes the flames

trembling before lipsticked mirror
hotel deduced by dusty corridors

cop helicopters hound rooftops
naturally scheming

a tiresome bone fracture drags
metatarsal across worn carpeting

welcome to the truth
bold as a body done believing

in daydreams of the heart
sump pumps of love hospitalized

the blinking lights behind
cityscape fallen from charred cave wall


the closer one comes to death
the more the world resembles a madhouse
the promise of the early days
the hope sleazily wrapped
in worship of dark alleyway noir
now the sagging, deflated heart
sighs and stale cheese sandwiches
the boringly mediocre details of love
it’s easier to meditate on the wasted chances
the frivolity of a cloud or squeal of tires
before impact
a baseball game on the radio in mid-May
a good book with a bad ending
a couple bucks
a brother’s divorce pending
the closer one approaches the inevitable
the more certain one is of the minutiae
the dimple rather than a smile
one fine gray hair


There is no I
Only we

Animals for the petting zoo
Or meat counter

Which would you prefer

Kind sir?
Shopping for fetish

moan for Bon Appetite
Gratification paramount

At the drive-thru

Don’t bother to think
There is no I

Only all one can 

Now get back to
Passer's work has appeared in print and online since 1988.  He lives and works in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, the city of his birth. 

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