Monday, July 21, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

the raven's flight 
she was a laugh
always a laugh
always cascading down 
her lips,
but you told her to be quiet
not to laugh so much
she then became serious and
that wasn't right, either,
you told her to laugh
she remembered
well that you were the one that told
her to stop
so she merely raised her eyebrows—
in her gaiety she had not
been enough for you,
and now she was still too flawed
to impress a smile upon
your features;
so she flew away
left naught but one white feather
the color of the most
perfect cloud
to remind you of her imperfect
should you deign to miss her.

a free bird 
she's so gone
that girl that fell in love with 
demure and sweet
with golden rivers of laughter
deigning to listen to your
most haughty words
she's so gone
that girl
believing every word that flowed from
your lips was honey,
and that you were some kind-of god
on earth
that girl is gone;
i am here now with all my wisdom
and i have laughter
but it's not for you
she's so gone
that girl that waited for your every whisper to
disrobe her in the heat of the moment,
she's so gone
that girl that laughed a little too much
at words that weren't of any
she's so gone,
but even now i care too much
wondering what happened of you but
she's so gone
that girl that trailed her tulips
'round your windows
hoping you'd
fall just as desperately in love with her
because i'm so glad you freed
from your wicked
games, your unkind spell
the birdcage that was too thin to hold
anything but desire.

monster in the mirror 
maybe i danced too close to the
devil in your eyes,
but i didn't believe you'd hurt
me as badly as you did;
ravens have
but i didn't have the heart to claw your eyes
out even if you devoured my heart—
don't ask me any questions
you told me too many lies,
a piece of my innocence
with your insincerity so sincere it fooled me at the time;
but i am no longer your fool
my white feathers
will not bury the black of your disease—
you think i'm crazy?
well, that's not fair
the thought process encompassed in your mind
if you have no intention of marrying someone,
then you have no right to be with them;
you're a gorgeous nightmare,
but i'll go a step
with my insults
i want you to free every girl you've ever trapped in your dreams
like you did me;
we all deserve freedom from your fangs—
i didn't deserve destruction,
but neither did they
one day,
you'll see yourself when you look at your reflection
instead of a man
there'll be a monster looking back
at you.

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