Monday, July 21, 2014

B.Z. Niditch- Two Poems


We  slow danced
to the Penguins
"Earth Angel"
smothered by
my first love
lowering our voices
and eyes,
we realize
that young crushes
rarely go anywhere
except in blushes
or in the bushes
and Linda
called me her Prince
and I composed
lyrics to her
as my teen lover
she eventually moved
out West
and a Hollywood star
and years later
when I worked
on film scripts
as a summer job
for my uncle
we recognized each other
at a party
on Fairfax Avenue
in West Los Angeles
at a when we were 
both tranquilized
by all the guitar glitter
and rock energy
when the crowd
became so loud
in glamour and clamor,
we walked outside,
and I sang to her
from "Earth Angel"
and asked her
to be my bride.

On Shepard Street
in Harvard Square
where we shopped
as runaways
for wine and cheese
when on sale
these poets came
to this apartment
we were told
by neighbors
to share their stuff
Aiken, Eliot, Lowell
and after that
Plath ,Sextant, Bishop
it was rough to stay up
even in the chatter
but there was always laughter
in the highway
by our small studio flat
there was vocal jazz 
they called scat
in improvisation
here where I was at
as a young Beat
but when you 
are young and in love
does it matter 
when there is little to eat
I asked my friends
for a welcome mat
and a next door neighbor
who did psychic readings
came through for us
though the prophecies
in the parlor never came about.

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