Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Craig Stormont- A Poem


I lived by a code for a long time
giving my middle finger to the grid
it took me far away to many places
convinced that people and their ways are hell

my blood brother Walter Ross broke through
before they cracked his skull for kicks
a street drunk that most would not care to look at
we shared a half gallon of vodka one snowy evening in Boston
intent on freezing to death together but failing

that was another lifetime
before colleges and teaching and those involved in that racket
where I met a girl I dreamed of all my life
and the code faded

she became nothing more than a lie and insult
posing her way to the top of some imaginary garden filled with pretense and shit
a son was born of it
he is all that matters now

I sometimes wake from nightmares of her
and the deceitful evil opportunist she is
bent on cutting the chain of her from my memory
while worrying for my stolen son
the ghost of long dead Walter rattles invitation in my brain

he was love - she just pain
both are gone – I remain
with proof that people can be worse than any hell imaginable

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