Tuesday, July 15, 2014

John Kaniecki- Three Poems

Union Pretend   Published by Industrial Worker
The CEO said to Union Pretend
How’s it going my good old friend?
Mighty fine, mighty fine
How are the workers my sweet dear?
Keeping em in line, keeping em in line
Create an atmosphere of constant fear
The CEO grumbled “They get too much pay”
Ain’t there a scheme to take it away?
Hmmm said Union Pretend let me think
I’ll consult the sell outs and my fink
I believe we could create another war
It’s an old trick but it worked well before
We’ll scream patriotism and have the flag wave
Tell em we all gotta sacrifice and be brave
Then of course the profits will soar
We’ll pay them less and work em more
In his heart the CEO hated Union Pretend
In fact he wanted all thoughts of Unions to end
But for now he needed to put on a show
A few more years maybe it wouldn’t be so
So Big Bucks poured the expensive French wine
A toast was made to the ruling elite
Things are going just mighty fine
The drink was poison but tasted oh so sweet

Caribbean Ocean at Night
A night no stars in the sky
Waves in motion
Black as the day you die
She is the giver of life
The Great Spirit’s wife
The notion
That she is all good
Is misunderstood
For in the darkness
She is wicked and forbidding
By look no way of knowing
Her Love and giving
Rise sun rise
Shine in glory fill the skies
Teach the ocean to shine
Make the Mother of Life divine
So she can enter your kingdom

Fascists Fail to Think
Fascists fail to think
Boots polished to a shine
Marching precisely in line
Uniform pristine
Bellies trim and lean
Fascists fail to think
Charging up yonder hill
Bayonets fixed to kill
In war there are no rules
Except the theorem of the bigger fools
Fascists fail to think
Why must we obey?
Why are things this way?
Never mind screams the head
Just do what I said
Fascists fail to think
Except when shot
And all rhetoric is forgot
Belly full of lead
Moments until dead
There is an agony small
Perhaps we weren’t right
After all
Fascists fail to think

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