Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shaquana Adams- Three Poems

Jungle Man

Damn near six feet tall, muscular, and hairy from head to toe,
A Tarzan gentleman if you will
Big feet with an arch so huge,
The better for walking away
Tree trunk calves, 
To help with the lifting of heavy burdens
Huge thighs of muscle,
To later help toss off those burdens
A crotch that is covered,
Only to fool one into thinking it has nothing to do with who he is
A flab of stomach skin, the only soft spot on his body,
He’d laugh if one touched the belly button; he’d laugh at most things
Above the flab, some abs. How lovely.
The better to attract his mate(s)
Next, a chest with pecs, 
One would assume a heart under all that muscle
And attached, long arms for holding,
And later breaking
Further down, gigantic hands,
For touching of course
Between the shoulders lies a neck one can’t help but notice on a man
Just right, not too muscular, but dare I say, gentle
And next his face,
His goddamned beautiful face
The part that pulls you in and makes you believe
Half full lips,
Just right for kissing
A bright smile, 
That erupts one’s own happiness
A soft voice,
Almost velvet, for seduction
Facial features that are soft and say: I come in peace
But instincts say: He will leave you in pieces
Green eyes that send the looker into another realm,
They cried once
And last his hair
Dark, wild, static, crazy
Soft, smooth, dark, wild
Smooth, dark, wild, crazy Wild, dark, crazy, soft
Dark, crazy, wild, static

I’d run my hand through it
He is a modern Tarzan, and like any jungle man he was an adventure

That’s what we will call him

An adventure.


That horrible feeling,
the nurses outside the room,
the frowned wet faces.
Hold, hold.
Don't speak it.
For that would make it real


If the man you love can lie,
To your face when you ask why,
Or if he loves you at all,
And then dares to have the gall,
To say he never meant you pain,
But your heart lies there slain,
And he doesn’t feel a thing,
Because you were just a fling,
Then Karma should come back,
With a bat and give him a whack,
Because it’s hard for you to heal.
Yes, that’s how I really feel. 

*Jungle Man was previously published in The Snow Island Review, 2011.
*Honestly was previously published in The World of Myth, 2012.

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