Saturday, January 18, 2014

Douglas Polk- A Poem

Random Thoughts

Iran's nuclear program,
not about bombs,
and destruction,
but about . . . .
tanning salons,
the Ayatollah is really into young tan chicks,

Secretary Kerry's agenda,
is not about the national defense,
instead ketchup sales the goal,
as anti-war protesters,
search a perfect red,

Obama care not a leftist plot,
but instead,
a left over plot,
and the Matrix,
Obama thinks he is the one,
searching his trinity,
which reminds me,
isn't Secretary Sibelius,
an agent Johnson program error,
reoccurring again, 
and again,

the truth,
life only about smelly socks
dirty socks on the living room floor,
pollute the air,
mismatched and worn a week at a time,
disgusting and smelly,
a metaphor for life.

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