Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rebecca Gaffron- Two Poems

The Mother of His Girls

She is the beginning and the end
She is the song he can't stop humming
She is the one he carries, the weight of her dragging his head under
She is the moment everything might have been different
She is the mother of joys and obligations
She is the dead spot in the river
She is the reason he screams
She is the reason he fights
She is the nightmare he refuses to wake from
She is the one he clings to long after the best of her is gone, 'cause something is better than nothing


Tears for the Dead

sorrow's color,
another peaceful moment hijacked
by some lost soul
who thinks atrocities are necessary.
its scent,
whiffs of roses and the sea.
through tears I choose to swim,
drowning is so second wave,
and we have lost enough already.


Bio:  Rebecca is a sometimes writer, sometimes procrastinator and hopes she will be forgiven for both. Her poems and prose have appeared in a variety of fine places including: Camroc Pres Review, Jumping Blue Gods, The Camel Saloon, Cent Magazine and Dogzplot. She can be found at:

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