Friday, January 24, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


the war over,
and now lost,
the Taliban patient,
the way we taught them,
when they fought the Soviet Union,
at our request,
all about costs,
waiting once again for the troops to leave,
revenge will be sweet,
the blood letting only just begun,
the war over,
but this time,
the bad guys won.

The Senate

millionaires each,
talk as if they know poverty,
. . . insulting to say the least,
they know nothing,
the fact obvious,
if you listen to them speak,
prostitutes one and all,
bought and paid for,
millionaires each.

Unlearned Lessons

the ghosts of Viet Nam,
haunt the sands of the Middle East,
"country building" never was a perfected art,
more a daydream of the rich and the elite,
those precious souls,
whose reality bought,
never living a moment in the real world,
where theory and strategy,
seldom work.

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