Saturday, January 11, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems & Photos

maybe someday we'll get it right 

and maybe i'll be
the girl that
takes your breath away
dancing beneath tangerine moons
maybe you'll be the man
i needed you to be in
another life,
we'll complete each other
maybe it will be
as if the chasms that cut us in this world
will never have born into being
in this world,
as if our frowns and sighs were never heard
maybe i'll be everything you needed
here and more
maybe i'll just be.


i'm the girl
comfortable with distance
hidden behind
a book
because they're less painful
than people,
and all the entropy they reign
yet in the rain i washed
away my sorrows
found you
loving me even in my glasses
awkward professor
in your eyes
was the sexy librarian
i laughed,
and your laughter was something
to fall in love with
your smile
more heavenly than all the crimson
lullabies of the lilies in the sky
that winked me to sleep
each summer,
and you laid before me
broken and bare
that i could cut across my knife
anxiety that needed dimming
somehow we made it
a nest of briars and thorns became
the home of wandering

common knowledge

the trees
wave to me some
humans forgot
eons ago
in their pursuit of happiness
their greed for money
their need for intelligence,
but i found common
sense was
much better than a table full
of golden spoons and ill
mannered society
beautiful on the outside
poisoned within;
i may not be pedigree,
but i can understand
the leaves
when they sing in the currents of
the air
discern the knowledge of the
trees and their sisters
to me the secrets of rocks
etched on the back of
the river's heart they told me the
stars envy us
because even when we die,
we live more a flame
than they could ever burn.

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