Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Douglas Polk- A Poem

Shooting Myself in the Foot

school shooting victims,
offered on the altar of government,
the shooters helpless,
killing out of anger,
alone and feeling betrayed,
the only thing certain,
schools the enemy,
for schools no longer belong to the community,
instead an island of government intervention,
and interference,
oozing into the community,
making demands,
tearing families apart,
all the while indoctrinating the youth,
creating mules for government use,
politicians unconcerned about student welfare,
or advancement,
much more concerned about test results,
and governmental reports,
allowing them to access control and money,
teachers now,
no more than spies,
double agents in the community,
the truth,
blood stains the killers,
but also the legislators,
both federal and state,
who took education away from the community,
and the people,
even from Mom and Dad,
offering it with the dead bodies of the innocents,
at the altar of the government,
and the controlling elite.

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