Saturday, December 28, 2013

Robert Walton- Two Poems

Pincers skidded off
My grandfather's shovel as
He scooped it into a mayonnaise jar.
My brother and I added a
Swifter than blinking
Its black thorn struck.
Perhaps there was agony,
Perhaps not,
Though the green lizard
Before it died.  
Huddled Child
With a streak of blood
On your chin,
You are the only casualty,
Save one,
Of this morning's strike against
Al Qaida.
An old woman
Dressed in black,
Her body slumped
Like a sack of rice
Lies in the gutter,
So much blood
For one old woman.
White dust
Of shattered concrete
Burns and
Bomb tears well.
Smart bombs
Should be smarter.

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