Saturday, December 28, 2013

P.K. Deb- A Poem

The Super She
Be alert my young friends-
The super she is approaching,
 Better you make yourselves ugly and repulsive.

She is scientific in structure-
Attracts a male with her all
Mysterious and significant differences.

She is artistic in calibre-
Empowers herself with all sorts of
Artificial and superficial embellishment.

She is commercial in nature-
Circumscribes an enchanted male with
All gainful conditions before her magical show.

She is doctorate since her youth-
A scholar in all streams compelling a male
To attend to her advices and directions.

Alas! She is unmindful to Ethics-
Breaks and tramples hearts with a smile
And pushes the poor into the Hell of sorrow and grief.

Alas! In vain will be the warning-
The males who gain flying wings
Must plunge into her fatal flame with a blissful smile.-

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