Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mark Nenadov- Two Poems

Winter in Essex

Small white flakes wander by my window,
the neighbour presses their nose into theirs.
A proud cardinal perches in a barren tree,
which stretches out into the empty sky.

This house isn't insulated so well,
but that's another project for tomorrow.
So many important things in life can't happen today;
and the cardinal ignores it all, searching for seeds.

Ojibway Park Ovillejo

A totem pole guards a parking lot
Tranquil spot.
The wondrous world of wildlife converges
Surges with lupine.
A wily fox snake sneaks
Where night eyes peek.
The Eastern Towhee twists its beak
A turtle submerges before long
A Northern Cardinal tweets its song
Tranquil spot surges with lupine, where night eyes peek.
(Previously appeared in Northern Cardinal Review)

Bio: Mark Nenadov is a poet from Essex, Ontario, Canada. He lives with his lovely wife and their baby daughter. Mark's poems have appeared in publications in the United States, Canada, Pakistan, Australia, England, and Ireland. He also has a poem in the Whisky Sour City anthology recently published by Black Moss Press. See http://www.marknenadov.com for more details.

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