Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Melanie Browne- Two Poems

I fell Down a JFK rabbit hole

& had tea with John and Jackie,
there were English scones,
marching bands,
ticker tape flying out
of various depository windows,
Jackie had finally changed out
of that monstrous pink jacket,
and was wearing a pointy
black bra, something akin
to what Madonna wore on
her blonde ambition tour,
John really liked it,
"Isn't she hot?"
he asked me several times,
and I had to agree, but
time was running backwards,
our hearts were running forwards
by something in the tea,
and Jack was mouthing
something about playing poker
with "that Oswald Fella,"
telling me that now he really liked hats,
bowler hats and fedoras,
cream-colored beanies,
I had a delightful time,
but John said they had to go,
and he grabbed Jackie's hand
and fell backwards, back
into the symphony of his
never-ending death

I want to write an unreadable novel

Like Andy Warhol's "A"
but I plan to call it "The Minister's Cat"
It will be filled with conversations
I have with my imaginary spiritual adviser,
Reverend John McEnroe,

who is not the same as the tennis star,
but he has the same curly hair,
and oddly enough, also wears
a red headband,

This novel will make me famous,
and people will quote unreadable
lines from it and want to be seen
reading it at places that you 

find by reading an old copy
of Zagats, I will probably have to
disappear for awhile and live in
the French Alps and learn to ski,

Things will be go smashingly well
for awhile until people discover
I made it all up, and I will
cry into tissues on Oprah's couch,
my make-up smearing my sweater,
the hissing audience sealing my doom

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