Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ryan Quinn Flanagan- A Poem


The pathogens are virulent
and determined,
can kill a man in twenty minutes
or less,
most women take longer
than that -
and the man in the elevator
will not speak to me
because he has groceries
and I have a beard -
the working man
and the other
brought together
once more -
and the silence between us
says words like bamboozled 
and fettuccini       
and I laugh;         
getting off            
a few floors before 
my clean cut friend
of the paper brown

Bio:  Ryan Quinn Flanagan is a wheezing asthmatic who enjoys short walks on the beach.  He lives deep in the Canadian Shield with his toaster oven and his muse, believing himself to be eternally hungry as many his poems are about food.

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