Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kislay Chauhan- Three Poems

" A Sinner Shine " ----( Shine ~ Spirit )----

A shine in bitter black paper of dried roses
In blue skies and in black blue shaded stars
Suffers behind a sin, that did for sufferers
A shine before death, realizing stars in eyes
Or after lost of love, inside those lonely rooms
It screams, scratching walls exposing wounds
In foggy mornings, weeps on grassy grounds

Silly influence of losing hands of self colors
Embarrassing rocks corners, sandy shutters
Strange immunity from love, following dark
That my spirit, tedium in gardens sits alone
Like a baptized life on shore of forgetful days
Wins for death and breath secures the ways
That shine, my spirit worn-out and torn a bit

While blinking eyes, dimming gestures of faces
Wanting salvation, yet far from that white skies
Creeps here and there, in mud and buggy floor
In fallen leaves, dents and drains, in silent shore
Far end, luring a sin, interior full hesitations rise
Craving churches, temples or sound of holy Azaan*
Or looks for a place far from unreal world zone

Valleys blank, cheerless river without a mirror
bunches of trees have leaning eyes in liquor
Diminished smiles and showers of silver rays
Cross grey lands where people don’t know God
On bald branches birds chirping for food of shine
The shine of a spirit, needful for life and this love
So the universe, follows God and world on move

*[ Azaan : - Muslim call to prayer ]

" Emptiness "

Some words uttering in sighs
In autumn leaves with lies
The drizzles in the clouds
Heart opens its wounds

The scenario, a curvy vision
In eyes, in tearful season
Distance and dream play there
Desire sits lonely where

The time follows every second
You were unknown in reckoned
Ever in evening looking sunset
Night comes with moon upset

Whole night with twinkling star
You came near and went afar
There sustains the wait in soul
You turned my life, turned it whole

I called you amid valley of dreams
You were not there only screams
Long seconds, long years it seems
Love reckons love, Hate only trims

And the water bubble bursts in air
No one can repair, this hurt’s unfair
Below heart, every prayer lost a will
Once who ever loved, was now to kill

" A Sermon "

In the last way, last chance
A will to live little more
To owe more, hope more
Under roof of destiny, dreams
Near hands, chain of chants
Few narrations, little estimations
And empty silent eyes
Look, for the rest time
To end a begin and start an end
Purple papers spread on horizon
That last evening, last sermon
Written in page, I kept in pocket
A dream in pocket with a hope
To live little more…
To shine more, desire more
Near shore of success, sail more
With wave of world, walk more
The passage of tender prayers
Wishes, wills holding breath
For me, for you and for dream
On restless mind, nervous heart
In sorrows, a word, to cry more
Pursue the last word
A word which became my world
Written in page, I kept in pocket
A dream in pocket with a hope
To live little more…

Kislay Chauhan, a computer engineer and a young writer from a little town of India, has written four poetry books. His poems have been published in many journals, reviews and magazines. 

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