Wednesday, May 1, 2013

David S. Pointer- Two Poems

Celebrity Vapor Trail

After Dale Recovered
from a terrible cancer
Ralph gifted him with
a black 72 Lincoln
Continental originally
owned by George
Jones and every time
Dale came out of a
follow up appointment
or the grocery store
towns people would
be caressing the hood
ornament or rubbing
up against the door
like old farm cats
expecting tuna

Late Show Cold Front

In 96, when Michael
Panasuk was on tour
with George Jones,
he happened to be
standing back stage
at David Letterman’s
show as the Opossum
leaned in and said “It‘s,
damn cold here, hoss”
and Michael replied
“Yeah, it makes your
nipples hard” and
George was taken
aback missing his
entrance cue as
frosted areolas
interfered with
the A-list hits
like a crashing
sheet of ice

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