Friday, May 3, 2013

Joseph G. Wilson- A Poem

Come On the Night Air

gears gnash
in the mind

the city grinds

freedom in the soul
a ticket to heaven
hammerhead roll

body in electric
want all to touch
shocking the system
break away crutch

thunder like a heart
scream in your ears
vertical afterburner
fly with no fear

a world held in hand
power it all
to see it spinning
humming its call

night lights flicker
scream but don't shout
taping the source
let the milky way out

machine gun fever
steam roller fire
blast down the doors
damned freed from hell's pyre

now to see all
like hell you do
know all the answers
can never be true

drum roll nightmare
to dream but not care
heart was of stone
kissing the snakes in her hair

city of now
lost but not found
staccato town
like a hungry bloodhound

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