Monday, May 6, 2013

Doug Polk- Two Poems

America's Education System

the old stone school sits abandoned and forlorn,
obsolete and out of date,
education no longer takes place within the mind,
computers and shiny new classrooms needed if children expected to learn,
education impossible,
if facilities not updated,
and innovated,
today's learning takes place outside the mind,
the minds of children,
empty chalkboards,
and smart boards,
manipulated and changed,
to compete in a global market place,
flexible and relative,
learning and understanding,
nothing at all,
an education teaching us not to think.
 America's Auntie Jan
(evidently the wife of Uncle Sam)

from sea to sea,
all across America,
people are hungry,
people in need,
the government exposes herself,
citizens line up by the millions,
to suck at her teats,
options limited,
she likes it that way,
she keeps them dependent as long as she can,
slapping down and ridiculing her children,
strong enough to make it on their own,
sick and disillusioned,
this government dependency,
worrying about herself,
when her children independent and grown,
so instead she exposes herself,
and nurses the citizens at her breasts,
until it becomes obscene,
hoping they forget how to cope on their own,
her survival always the most important thing.

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