Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

don't forget some humility 
beauty crumbles and fades
like troy and rome 
it dissipates into something
like dust, displeasing to
the eye and rarely appreciated
after it is gone; smug in your
high pedestal you forget one day
it will be kicked from beneath you
swept aside by oceans of time,
and models prettier and younger 
than you will run to take your place
you are but one star in the universe
amid thousands upon thousands
millions upon millions 
i remember once when you used to 
stare into the mouth of the sunset
mimicking the glow of his crimson chin,
one day you will lay forgotten
your bones cracked by the ocean 
until only spiders can appreciate the
void bent within your lungs; 
so don't forget to buy some humility
when you're out shopping for a life of
grandeur and goals loftier than the moon.

dream thief 
you like to steal the marrow
of my dreams, and hide it beneath the
shadows of the coldest moon's silver
wings; you don't warn me to brace myself
before you fling me to the ground 
destroying my beauty into oblivion's dust
to ascertain your own youth 
a dream broken and bitter clings to the 
surface of your heart, something you just wouldn't
let go until it consumed you into monstrosity;
your claws draw pained grimaces from
quicksilver that quickly turns their frown upside
down so you do not see the flaws fracturing
your soul into all it's ugly pieces,
always you tell me to get out of my own world
to face the harsh music of reality 
you don't realize the only way i can smile
is to imagine a world better and more beautiful
than this one, prettier than a picture of 
ordered white trellises falling merrily over the
garden gate with the most perfect pirouette.

snake lady 
oh, medusa, once you were a beauty
even poseidon wanted to caress you with
more than his eyes; a jealous and
heartless athena transformed you into a beast
whose only capacity was to turn to stone
every man she looked upon; no woman could
bare your form nor your gaze and as such
were not subject to it, as your beauty crumbled
into troy's dust i wonder if you smiled free
of the chains restraining you to perfections's
frame — if those snakes brought you more 
peace than wild locks dancing in the wind the very
same that enticed such an act of violence against you,
and i wonder how your dreams changed if any
could be achieved the same way you once thought;
or did you just accept your monstrosity and leave
the dreaming to the minds of hapless mortals?

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