Monday, May 2, 2016

Scott Wozniak- Two Poems

Jackpot on the Dumpster Diver Circuit
Walking around
the city
wearing rags
that smell
like bum,
I stroll
from dumpster
to trash can
and back again,
for anything
nobody wants,
but I need.
A half-eaten
is top score
I toss open
a lid
and see
Doc Martins--
A possession
I never
could afford,
but are now
all mine
for the low
low price
of homeless.

Not Fit For Consumption
How many times
can a man
sell his soul
‘till it becomes
recycled goods
for landfills
or rats’

Scott Wozniak is a poet and short story writer. His works can be found here, there, and over there too. He sometimes forgets to include his poems when sending them out for submission. For more info, please visit   

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