Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saira Viola- A Poem

                                                        Art by Unitas Quick

Bubble gum Slut Bomb  
Ingrid is a full figured, open tongued, bedroom blonde
she chews hubba bubba bubble gum
and can buck buck suck -
a strait laced, no frills easy fuck,
she speaks in a squeaky baby style
a breathy vocal fry
and flutters shiny
cadillac eyes
sometimes they say hello
and always say goodbye
‘I’m not a victim,’she would  say
sock rocking the nights, and days
'I choose to sex -work the streets: the first time’s
you just make believe -
you’re home coming queen,’
it’s a feminist libretto,
neo ‘sluts,' claim
man -da -tory for a fast track -career break -
and she can syndicate the porno tape
televise a scripted date rape,
get a publicist on speed dial
and big bucks as a reality tv bride.
Ingrid skinny streaks the pole
punters and peanut pricks,
tossing  her dough,
hitting  her thong
for a pussy song
She dreamt of white picket fences
and soccer runs
a small town- easy Elysium 
dreaming her way out of a deadbeat  abyss,
with Kentucky prime bourbon and lilac starfish 

Saira Viola is a critically acclaimed writer, poet, satirist, song lyricist and creator of literary technique sonic scatterscript - much of her work is infused with social commentary, and philosophical arcs. Her work has featured in among other zines and presses: Push, Crabfat, International Times, Dissident Voice, Artvilla, Poetry Times, The Cannon Mouth, The Kitchen Poet, Clockwise Cat, and longsword press.  


  1. This is pure class and a damming reflection of our society . We all know opportunistic career types of this kind

  2. Saira Viola is ever feiry,vivacious, visceral -- one of the top international femme fatale poets and writers of my time, ready to whip any subject into submission with gungho style, and a kindness of honorary merit with all her wit and knowledge to bare. Proud to be in company of her dedications and talents. - Brandon Lee