Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ryan Hardgrove- Two Poems

The arrow has never been straight

always walking the straight
can be disorienting
the universe is not straight
in fact
its chaotic
but ordered

I should be paying bills
and coddling this already innate
sense of love
which done constantly and consistently
seems redundant

so I’ll get high
while the birds weep
away the darkness
and as my keyboard
clid-cladders more
words into oblivion

I’ll not stray
too far
only a few
more steps

Rock Solid Concrete

these alleys
as a child
are all dark
and terror

then we grow
and the alleys
become havens
for advantageous types
fiends and hustlers
all friends of the gutter
or even those who wish
to visit near the darkness
while the light

sliding along walls
dragging asphalt
wandering the concrete frontier
long hours spent
confident nights
wasted in youth
spent socializing
with phantoms
spilling sloppy conversations
you won’t remember with
fellow debauchers
forking in all the juicy

and then we grow
older still
we grow slowly
the slowness sobers us
and again
the dark alley’s strike fear
in us

this time
not for fear of the unknown
but because
the shadows
no longer harbor
the hard edges of life
have been unveiled
and the reality
is terrifyingly solid

death hunts
those who no longer


Ryan Hardgrove is writing tonight while the milipedes scuttle over his bare feet. You can read more of his writing on his facebook page of the same name.  He does not have his own website because he is equally poor and lazy.

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  1. Searching for meaning yet aware of his depersonalization
    dehumanization and desperation gives this poet a sense of his realized vision of his own creativity.