Friday, May 6, 2016

Roger Still- Three Poems

Chore Woman

she’s a figure in rags
who holds the house together
arms stretched around
this world we hold dear
she’s the one
who held us together
in raging flood night
and cooled the licking
flames of destroyers
the one we never
noticed or spoke to
or regarded
as a mortal being.

A Horror Poem About Words

Beware the word
with its hidden
sinister violence
Beware the suggestion
the utterance
the manipulative syllable
A site of language
production, blocks and
shards of meaning
falling from the sky
threatening to bash us.


He's a cowardly mouse
who hides behind
everything, until finally
he finds that inner strength,
discovers he knows
how to use an axe (!)
and then overtakes
the small universe
inside the wall.

Roger Still has been published at Poetry Super Highway, among other sites.

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